Who We Are


Our Approach

AAC Solutions brings expertise in designing and delivering solutions based on your requirements. Our core technologies are built on client requests and knowledge of outcomes that the industry requires. Our solutions are built from a base framework, then customised depending on your requirements and workflow. Based out of Brisbane, Queensland, AAC Solutions supplies to and installs across Australia and New Zealand. AAC boasts around the clock, 24/7 support, should the unlikely event of an issue arise. To ensure peace of mind, AAC Solutions can provide remote monitoring platforms, which continuously monitor all critical equipment and send notification to local support and AAC technical staff if something unexpected happens. This ensures that ciritical systems will be operational when you need them the most.

Technology & Innovation

Our development team are always keeping in touch with the latest trends in technology. We listen to industry demand, and invest in the technology that sets us apart. Our team strives to deliver solutions that assist in improving processes and workflows, thus greatly helping to increase your return on investment.

Industry Knowledge

AAC Solutions has a wealth of knowledge in both Healthcare and Hospitality industries. While these are two completely separate sectors, they both strive to achieve the same result; a positive experience in your facility whether you're a patient or guest.

Values & Commitment

The team at AAC take great pride in the quality of solutions delivered and are committed to achieving the outcome you expect. From the early days of roughing in a project to fitting off, commissioning and training, all aspects of deliverables are addressed with attention to detail and the drive to achieve the desired outcome for all.