Aged Care

Are you staff suffering with heavy workloads, high stress levels and long work hours? Is it time to improve the operational efficiencies in your facility to ensure your residents are provided with the level of care they deserve and expect?

Deploying automated messaging and communication technology into a care environment can reduce risk, optimise the care staff workforce and provide your facility with real time analytics for informed and responsive decision making.

Technology Solutions


Integration, Messaging & Reporting

The PulseLive Integration Platform for Aged Care automates messaging out to wireless devices when Nurse Call events are triggered. Workflow configurations allow staff to respond to events efficiently, escalating to other staff and management as well prioritising events based on the type of event. Detailed analytics are accessible by management teams to determine busy periods and average response times. Measuring staff performance and obtain customer experience feedback from your residents.

Fall Prevention and Detection

Support care teams and protect Aged Care residents with detection and messaging technology to monitor movements of high risk residents and prevent falls.

Nurse Call System

Hills IP7500

Nurse Call provides distributed intelligence to each and every bed, so healthcare providers can deliver agile, customer centric care. Hills IP7500 Series Nurse Call solution is a robust, high availability life safety solution designed and manufactured in Australia.