Cel-Fi In-Building Mobile Coverage

Cel-Fi Smart Cellular Solutions solve the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data throughput caused by a weak cellular signal.

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Enhance the patron experience

The Cel-Fi In-Building Mobile Coverage solution ensures patrons have no reason to leave your facility, providing mobile coverage no matter where they are throughout the venue.


The Cel-Fi Advantage

Mobile Phone

Carrier Approved

The only signal booster authorised for use in nearly 100 countries by almost 200 mobile network operators.

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Exceptional coverage footprint

Achieve optimal voice quality and data speeds in spaces ranging from mobile to enterprise.

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Best overall value and performance

Delivers the lowest cost per decibel of gain and square footage of coverage.


The value of Cel-Fi In-Building Mobile Coverage

Best in performance

1000x stronger

Network safe

Carrier approved and endorsed

Self-organising edge intelligence

No interference with other wireless products

Lowest total product cost (TPC)

Supports strong business case / ROI

Ease of set up

Time to market (TTM) reduction

WAVE software portal

Remote management of devices


Cel-Fi GO Smart Signal Repeaters

Cel-Fi GO is a smart signal repeater that works to improve voice quality and data speeds. Suitable for in-building coverage applications, Cel-Fi GO is an affordable, all-digital solution that provides high-quality cellular signal through a building. Differing from standard indoor repeaters, Cel-Fi GO is network safe and does not interfere with the mobile network or other users.

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Cel-Fi’s cellular solutions for hospitality environments deliver reliable end-to-end coverage that allows everyone to take full advantage of their mobile devices.


Multi-band coverage solution

Approved for all telco networks

Single and multi user capability

100dB system gain

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