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Digital Screens & Tablets

Improve the customer experience and response time for service issues.

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Digital Screens & Content Management System

Capture attention and connect with your customers using dynamic and impactful digital screens. Create a consistent brand experience throughout your facility with engaging content that can encourage and entice your patrons and guests. Notify customers of relevant information to create a seamless customer experience.


The value of the Content Management System

Scheduling & Grouping

Cloud-Based Access

Drag & Drop Editor

Unlimited Users

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Push for Service Messaging

Improve the customer experience in your store or venue with a customised tablet with a dual purpose. It can perform as a service request button (for unattended service desks), triggering automated workflows to staff when required as well as a digital display for in-venue or store advertising.

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Push for Service Workflow

A customer approaches the service desk and presses the "Request Service" button.

A workflow is triggered to service staff to attend to the customer via notification to a pager, text message etc

Your guests are guaranteed a great experience by being served promptly. Staff can focus on other tasks with the confidence they will be notified when service is needed.

Generate metrics and analytical data on guest waiting times to improve staff performance and efficiency.

+ The Digital Screen displays in store promotions and advertisements using a completely customisable platform and displayed as a static graphic or multiple images with a slideshow rotation.

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Digital Rating System

Customer Satisfaction measures how satisfied/happy customers are with the service or goods they have received. Technology has made this feedback simple to integrate into existing processes and easy for customers to use. Use valuable insights and turn them into actions to improve customer satisfaction and ensure customers are receiving the service they expect.


Rich real-time analytical data for customer service improvements

Discover opportunities to improve customer satisfaction and respond to service issues quickly.

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