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Gaming, Clubs & Casino

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Gaming, Clubs & Casino

Transform your venue by finding the perfect balance between technology and human interaction, to create exceptional customer experiences that increase revenue, improve repeat visitation and build brand loyalty.


The AAC Solutions Technology Stack for Gaming, Clubs & Casino is a marketing, messaging and communications engine that enhances customer experiences, improves staff communication and increases operational efficiencies. It's been designed to be fluid, dynamic and scalable to evolve with the shifting business demands. It centres around our signature solution the PulseLive Integration, Messaging & Reporting System.

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PulseLive Integration, Messaging & Reporting System

The PulseLive Integration, Messaging and Reporting System for Gaming automates messaging out to wireless devices when gaming events are triggered, like payout and drinks requests. Workflow configurations allow staff to respond to events efficiently and will assist in measuring staff performance and the customer experience.

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Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers encourage patrons to spend more time on the premises, providing opportunities for increased revenue and loyalty.

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Digital Rating System

Use valuable customer feedback and insights and turn them into actions to improve customer satisfaction and ensure you're giving your customers exactly what they expect

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Push for Service Messaging

Improve the customer experience in your venue with a customised tablet with a dual purpose, performing as a service request button, triggering automated workflows and a digital display for advertising opportunities.

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Guest Wait Management & Messaging

Improve the customer experience in your venue and remove manual tasks with automated workflows, sending alerts to guests when the time is right.

Is there a technology solution you're after that's not listed? We might be developing something behind the scenes so reach out to us to find out if we can help!

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