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Guest Wait Management & Messaging System

Fast and reliable guest messaging

Improve staff efficiencies, service flow and the customer experience.

Rich analytical data for performance improvements

Discover opportunities to improve efficiencies

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Guest Wait Management

The Workflow

Quickly and easily add your guest's details or simply generate a number.

Notify your guests with a tap of a button and they will receive an instant text message.

Your guests are guaranteed a great experience by being notified as soon as their table is ready and a wait staff workflow has been eliminated to improve efficiencies.

Generate metrics and analytical data on guest waiting times to improve staff performance and efficiency.


Guest Pagers

Fully re-chargable coaster-style guest pager. Simply and effectively, guests are alerted when the pager starts vibrating or flashing. The long range transmitter covers large facilities. Staff efficiencies are improved by instantly notifying guests without wasting time tracking wandering guests. 

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