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Healthcare & Aged Care

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Technology Stack
Healthcare & Aged Care

Technology ecosystems in care environments can be complex and disparate and a trusted technology specialist can help navigate the critical infrastructure and pave a way forward to digital transformation. AAC Solutions understand the disconnect often found with legacy and disparate technology.


AAC Solutions are system integrators. The sweet spot for us is integration, connecting both existing and new technology to optimise staff workflows for definitive productivity gains. Our technology stack for Healthcare and Aged Care is centred squarely around our signature solution, the PulseLive Integration, Messaging and Reporting System. 


PulseLive Staff Messaging, Workflows & Reporting System

The PulseLive Integration, Messaging & Reporting Platform for Healthcare & Aged Care automates messaging out to wireless devices when events are triggered creating staff workflows. Detailed real-time data analytics are configured into automated reporting for management to assess average response times and more.  

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Patient TV Entertainment System

Patient TV Entertainment Systems provides the ultimate viewing experience including free-to-air digital TV, Pay TV, streaming services (like Netflix and Spotify) and any in-house information or services required. Secure integration to Admission and Management systems and meal ordering platforms enables patients to access in house services at any time.

Is there a technology solution you're after that's not listed? We might be developing something behind the scenes so reach out to us to find out if we can help!

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