Interior Acoustics

Interior Acoustics for Healthcare

We create spaces with optimal acoustic performance for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment improving customer experiences.

Create some quiet amoungst the noise

Creating a relaxed and comfortable space for your patients, staff and visitors is an important consideration in often noisy healthcare environments.

The background noise in a hospital or healthcare facility can reach uncomfortable volumes. Thus, impacting the patient experience and staff performance dramatically.

The Autex acoustic solutions absorb reverberated noise to create a pleasant working environment for care staff and a comfortable recovery and rehabilitation space for patients.

Interior Acoustics Range

AAC Solutions Acoustics

Autex Quietspace Panel is a discrete, high-performance acoustic treatment engineered to absorb a minimum of 85% of the sound energy it meets—perfect for reducing reverberation and echo in spaces with high noise levels.

AAC Solutions Acoustics

Autex Frontier™ Acoustic Raft is a modular acoustic system designed to communicate with the space via the adjustable channel and clip system—allowing for complete control over the height, spacing, and placement of each individual component.

AAC Solutions Acoustics

Autex Composition® Peel 'n' Stick Tiles are the workhorse of acoustic wallcoverings, in tile form. As a durable, high-performance alternative to paint and wallpaper, Composition Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles maintain a rich, solid colour and soft, velvety finish regardless of what life throws their way.

AAC Solutions Acoustics

Autex 3D Tiles are equal parts form and function, 3D Tiles are lightweight, sculptural acoustic tiles designed for interior wall application. 3D Tiles are made from 100% polyester fibre, moulded into abstract, three-dimensional shapes that provide acoustic absorption across the mid to high frequency range.

AAC Solutions Acoustics

Autex Groove is a customisation tool; a series of precise, angular cuts designed to tactfully bend and distort light. From subtle patterns to hinges and joins for 3D sculptures, Groove customisation allows you to explore the realms of possibility within the world of acoustic panels—adding depth, nuance, and texture to interior spaces.

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