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Interior Acoustics

Improve the customer experience with interior acoustics to treat excess noise and reverberation to create a comfortable, pleasant space for your customers.

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Acoustics for hospitality

Creating carefully designed spaces for the ultimate customer experience.

Noise reduction and better acoustics not only improve the sensory experience but protect the hearing and overall wellbeing of everyone within the space.


Why interior acoustics are important

The Health Factors

The impact of poor acoustics and excess noise on humans has been well documented around the world. International studies indicate that excess noise plays a part in significant health issues which include reduced lifespan, dementia, stroke and heart attack.

The Australian Government have put regulations in place to combat this issue in both residential and commercial settings. Global figures note that noise in restaurants can frequently exceed 80 dBA, which places those subjected to it, at risk of permanent hearing damage, by the Australian Government's standards. Damage to hearing is cumulative and takes effect over time rather than occurring from a single trip to a noisy venue.  

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The Design Factors

The hospitality industry has favourably adopted the modern architectural trends of hard surfaces such as polished concrete, glass, wood and steel. The minimalistic and industrial design reflect sound, rather than absorb it, resulting in significant amounts of reverberation and echo, which contribute to the overall build-up of noise. 

The introduction of printed interior acoustic designs has enabled establishments to achieve the look of these hard finishes with the benefits of acoustic treatment for an improved sensory experience for customers and staff alike. 

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