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Personal Emergency Response System

Smart preventative care and emergency reponse

Allowing seniors to call for help from anywhere in their home and in any state of health.

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Empowering seniors to live independently and safely

As people age and require medical attention, they are torn between the need to feel safe and taken care of, and the desire to stay independent and free. stay safe and healthy at home or on the go.

Care@Home offers seniors new ways or receiving help even when they are most distressed with voice activated built in 2-way communication and resident locator. 

  • 2 way voice interconnectivity to verify and manage emergencies

  • Voice extension providing complete voice coverage of the home

  • Fully wireless - RF communications and battery operated

  • Wall and table mounting options and water resistance


Protecting people at home and on-the-go

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Fall Detection

without the need for a separate dedicated device

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wear on wrist or as a necklace

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ability to locate the resident in case of emergency


The features of the Personal Emergency Response System

24/7 Monitoring

Emergency & Panic Button

Fall Detection

Family awareness


Emergency triggering

Smart voice alerting

Step counter

Wellness monitoring


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