Talius RTLS

Improve communications with a staff paging and messaging platform that integrates with nurse call, patient entertainment, patient admission, building management and more.

Connect your physical and digital world

The Talius RTLS re-define healthcare devices and people interaction to enable remote monitoring in any care environment. Unleash the potential to keep patients safe and healthy and empower physicians to deliver superlative care.

Provide more intimate and targeted care

Utilising the partnership of Bluetooth beacons and signal receivers, wearable medical devices are equipped on each hospitalised patient to enable peer-to-peer professional care services.

  • Information recording
  • Contact tracing
  • Duress call service

The Cloud Platform in the medical information system records the location information of wearable medical devices to achieve real-time personnel positioning and facilitate rapid response to call-for-help when patients encounter emergencies.

Senior mit Pflegerin im Altenheim Medikamenteneinnahme

Create more efficient processes and workflows

The process worker engine is extremely sophisticated and can be customised and configured to suit any workflow requirement. With data visualisation, and the possibility of real-time management, workflows are simplified and optimised.

Tedious manual work is no longer needed, which reduces the workload for busy staff, reducing stress and fatigue.

The centralised management of all patient information improves the efficiency of information collection, search, and analysis. Also, real-time signal reception and accurate positioning allow care staff to respond to emergencies faster.

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