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Digital Receptionist Messaging System

Fast and reliable staff messaging to notify when a visitor has arrived

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Digital Receptionist Messaging System

Attend to waiting guests without the unnecessary expense of receptionist personnel. A digital display greets incoming visitors and prompts them to message their contact directly.

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Digital Receptionist Workflow

A visitor approaches the receptionist desk and views the tablet device to find the contact they wish to visit

The visitor selects the person they are visiting and a workflow is triggered, sending a text message to them directly notifying them of the arrival of their visitor

Visitors are guaranteed a great experience by being served promptly. Staff can focus on other tasks with the confidence they will be notified when needed.

Workflows can trigger messages to mobile phones, emails, pagers to suit your communication requirements.

Do you have an unattended service counter?

Utilise a digital display with a one touch button whilst enticing customers with specials and promotions

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Push for Service Messaging

Improve the customer experience in your store or venue with a customised tablet with a dual purpose. It can perform as a service request button (for unattended service desks), triggering automated workflows to staff when required as well as a digital display for in-venue or store advertising.

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