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Scan to Notify

Initiate automated workflows

Enhance staff workflows, improve efficiencies and create a better customer experience with Scan to Notify.

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Trigger messages to the right role

Customers are enticed to scan or tap the QR code or press a button to notify staff of service required, as well as alerting cleaners of areas requiring attention. Custom designed artwork with a QR code included performs as a switchboard to trigger messages out to the right person or role, as required.

The Workflow


A customer notices a Restroom that requires attention.


Custom branded artwork with a QR code and button is displayed on the wall for guests to see.


A customer scans the QR code with their mobile device or presses the button.


A workflow is triggered and the right staff member is informed of the service required.


The staff member uses the NFC (Near Field Communications) to tap with their smart phone to close the task.

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