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PulseLive Smart Pager

The next generation in pager comminications technology

The PulseLive Pager looks like a pager, performs like a smart phone.


Are you still using pagers?

The PulseLive Smart Pager looks like a pager but performs as smart phone with a 3-inch screen and 2000mAh battery. It has been designed to be conveniently carried, being the size of a credit card and users have the flexibility to carry the device by either with the wrist strap, lanyard or belt clip.

The value of PulseLive Smart Pagers


Wearable options - lanyard, belt clip or waist strap

Receives messages over WiFi and/or 3G

Message receipts to confirm message has been received

Ability to acknowledge, accept or reject events

Receive and make calls (optional)

Compact size - 95mm x 49.4mm x 16.5mm

Send messages to other devices

Vibrate and alert tones

View all active gaming events

Nominate different alerts for different priority levels

Receive messages while not on site

Simple to use interface

Locked down settings and configuration

Receive scheduled alerts and reminders

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