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Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers encourage patrons to spend more time on the premises, providing opportunities for increased revenue and loyalty.

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Extend the patron visitation times and provide the ultimate customer experience

A wireless charger offers the convenience of wireless charging in a sleek and minimalist package designed for commercial use. Exceed customer expectations with modern, convenient technology that look goods and is simple to use. Integrate wireless charging into back of house, workspaces or venues by embedding into a benchtop, desk or any flat surface.

Minimalist design, simple installation

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Practical, fast charge wireless charger that can easily be integrated into virtually any piece of furniture and provide the convenience of wireless charging. The device is easily installed by drilling a 86 mm diameter hole from above or below the surface. Included fasteners can be used to quickly secure the charger in surfaces between 16 mm and 40 mm thickness. Adhesive solutions are available for alternative surface thicknesses or for semi-permanent installation.
Made with a copper induction coil to guarantee maximum performance, the charger with 10W FAST CHARGE technology is compatible with all devices that support Qi wireless charging. Providing 7.5W charge to Apple Qi-compatible iPhones and 10W to Android Qi compatible phones that support fast charging.

Designed for continuous use in public venues, the wireless chargers offer commercial grade durability.

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