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Push for Service Messaging

Improve the customer experience

Enhance your venue with a customised tablet with a dual purpose.

Reduce customer wait times

Push for Service performs as a service request button, triggering automated workflows to staff when required, as well as a digital display for advertising and promotions.


Are your customers waiting extended periods of time for service simply because your staff were unaware they were waiting?

The Push for Service system runs off a commercial digital signage tablet to allow for a ‘Service Request’ button for any application where a guest requires assistance. Uniquely, the display incorporates a digital media section for your advertisement usage. Management can access detailed analytics and reporting to show service request trends and assess busy periods.

AAC Solutions Guest Waiting Management.jpeg

Push for Service Workflow

A customer approaches the service desk and presses the "Request Service" button.

A workflow is triggered to service staff to attend to the customer via notification to a pager, text message etc

Your guests are guaranteed a great experience by being served promptly. Staff can focus on other tasks with the confidence they will be notified when service is needed.

Generate metrics and analytical data on guest waiting times to improve staff performance and efficiency.

+ The Digital Screen displays in store promotions and advertisements using a completely customisable platform and displayed as a static graphic or multiple images with a slideshow rotation.


  • Android App

  • Connectivity via WiFi and LAN

  • Local 12V Power Supply or PoE

  • Customised workflow options

  • Integrate into existing paging systems

  • Escalations if not responded to within timed thresholds

  • Runs stand-alone or integrated with the PulseLive server

  • Auto rotate advertising content, or guests can swipe through slides

  • Cloud based management of digital advertising content and settings

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