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Staff Messaging, Workflows & Reporting

PulseLive Integration, Messaging & Reporting System

The PulseLive platform connects people with purpose to create safe, productive and customer centric workplaces.

Discover PulseLive for your industry

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PulseLive for Gaming

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PulseLive for Healthcare

PulseLive for Hospitality

PulseLive for Hospitality

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Empower and optimise the workforce

The PulseLive Integration, Messaging and Reporting System is an intelligent and automated communications platform. It performs as the brains behind the business communications and is the hub to integrate disparate systems and services into a single view. 

Configurable, automated workflows optimise the workforce and improve efficiencies. Real-time alert notifications are triggered in response to nominated events to provide a more cohesive team and improve the customer experience.

The value of the PulseLive Integration, Messaging & Reporting System

Dynamic Staff Assignment

Staff can be assigned to any event in any location, based on the role they are nominated for.

Real-time Analytics

Reports and statistical data is available to authorised users to generate real-time data for better informed decision making. Analytics data will show staff performance, locations, events and response times.

Smart-phone Integration

Bring your system into the new age with the latest technology with full smart-device integration. Staff can receive messages on their phone, accept/reject calls and perform additional workflows as required.

Traditional Pagers

Alphanumeric pagers are still a reliable and easy way to receive messages anywhere on site. Large font sizes and bright backlights will help staff to read messages quickly, even in dull lighting areas.

Prioritise Alerts

Some events are higher priority than others. This system will give you the ability to prioritise calls over others, such as code blue events.

Custom Designed Workflows

Each event triggered has it's own workflow and escalation path to ensure that all events are processed quickly and efficiently, with additional notifications as required.

High Available Architecture

The solution can be designed in a high availability setup, ensuring the system stays functional at all times with full monitoring and notifications if any issues arise.

SQL Server Database

All storage for configuration and logging is done via SQL Server. It can be hosted on any environment, from SQL Server Express to a full SQL Server Enterprise Cluster, with additional storage into your data lake.

Workflow Initiation

Discretely trigger a workflow at the touch of a button in the event of a security incident to notify personnel for immediate action.

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Integrate disparate, new and legacy systems into a single view

Real-time Location Services

Building Management Systems

Fire Panels

Security Systems

Exit Alarms

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